JENNY MARINE supply the main engine and auxiliary spare parts new recondition and used spare parts as per client request

  • We supply 4-stroke engine parts such as Cylinder heads, Cylinder Liners, Piston Crowns, Piston rods, Crosshead pin, Main bearings, Fuel pump, crankshaft, Camshaft
  • Repair and service of 4-stroke engines parts.
  • Service & supply of 2-stroke engine spare parts and supply such as Cylinder heads, Cylinder Liners, Pistons, Piston skirts , Connecting rods, Piston pin, valve , valve cages , rotators, valve springs , injectors , Fuel pumps, fuel pipes , Cylinder Blocks , bedplate, Crankshaft , Camshafts , Main bearing cap, water pump , oil pumps
  • Overhaul turbocharger of the 4-stroke engine and 2-stroke engines
  • Repair and service of 2-stroke engines parts
  • Supply Complete main engines and auxiliary engines and generator sets too
  • Overhaul of auxiliary engines and spare parts all major spare parts
  • Overhaul turbochargers of auxiliary engines.
  • Supply hydraulic pumps and motors
  • Ship crane, winches, wire ropes, anchor, anchor chain
  • We supply centrifugal, oil separators, Oil Purifiers and its new spare parts too.

Our workshop is ready for you 365 days a year / 24 hours a day for your engine care.


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